Autocopy papers can be produced in various types and sizes depending on the area of use, and there are basically two types of autocopy papers. Bound autocopy press sheets are produced for ink pen use and can only produce a few copies. Non-bound autocopy printing papers can produce the desired number of copies and can be used with digital or electronic copying devices.

Autocopy papers have various usage areas. Autocopied papers can be used in every field where copy production is required. Autocopied papers are frequently used in business areas such as accounting, in the travel industry or in businesses that require receipts.

Unlike carbon papers, autocopy papers have a special solution. In this respect, it is extremely practical to use.

Autocopy paper prices may vary depending on the type, quality and weight of the autocopy paper. With wholesale autocopy paper, autocopy paper of the desired type, size and quality can be produced.

Logo printing, various prints or table drawings can be used ready-made on autocopy papers to be used for works such as cargo, receipts and delivery notes.