What is Normprint Cardboard?

Packaging, which is one of the most important stages of the production and manufacturing industry, is very important. It is known to be effective in protecting the product and making it available to users. in recent years normprint cardboardIt is preferred for reasons such as printing quality and ease of production. In particular, it is advantageous for people to produce it using a small amount of ink. It is also very effective to include recycled materials.

Chromium cardboard is generally of critical importance for different sectors. Food, textile, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries can be given as examples. One of these, normprint chrome cardboard, is one of the most preferred printing materials by manufacturers.

It provides the desired results in the protection and display processes of the materials produced. In this sense, as Reba Kağıt, we provide service with our high quality production facilities and experienced staff. Depending on the current stock status, we deliver your products to you within the specified time. 

Normprint Cardboard Features

As multi-layer coated cardboard, it provides the desired aesthetic shine. Normprint carton It offers its users a good user experience among its peers. Coating is applied to the upper layer. The bottom layer is gray in color and produced with recycled materials. There are various grammage values depending on the area in which it is used. Effective results are achieved in box making and packaging processes.

Chrome Cardboard Types

There are also varieties known as Exprint and Luxtriplex chrome cardboard. Especially luxury triplex cardboard is preferred thanks to its high pleating function in areas where detailed printing is required. It is known to be used in printing, box production and similar points.

It is included in the production processes of various fields, especially the textile and industrial sectors. Chrome cardboard is used for packaging stationery and cosmetic products. It also plays an active role in the packaging of cleaning materials. 

Normprint Cardboard Prices

We act in line with customer satisfaction through comprehensive production and quality stages. In light of technological developments in the sector, we prefer new generation production systems. As Reba Kağıt, we stand out with our professional team and advanced technical equipment. Normprint carton You can contact us through communication channels for prices and stock information about our other cardboard types.