What is Lux Triplex Cardboard?

Chrome cardboard types are preferred in many areas with the advantages they provide to manufacturers and consumers. Using a small amount of ink luxury triplex cardboardIt is used in different types of products. Effective results are obtained in prints made for advertising and promotional purposes. The desired appearance is achieved with its high degree of pleating feature and lacquerable function. It stands out aesthetically with the blade coated process used in the construction of the final coat.

Lux Triplex

As Reba Kağıt, we continue to produce cardboard and paper products with our advanced technological infrastructure. We provide service with our more than 30 years of experience in the field and our professional team. We operate in different sectors such as textile, invitation, label and packaging. We provide wholesale sales in sizes and coils depending on current stock availability. We deliver to many regions of Turkey with new generation logistics systems.

Luxury Triplex Cardboard and Usage Area 

With its white back surface, the desired result is achieved in the packaging of cosmetic products. It also has a positive effect on the packaging of food and medicines. It is beneficial in gaining the appreciation of consumers when it comes to the sales stage. Compared to other chrome cardboard types luxury triplex cardboard, also stands out in financial terms. The desired result in terms of print quality is achieved with less ink.

Lux Triplex Cardboard

Normprint and exprint cardboard are among the products developed in line with user demands. It depends on the size and weight range desired. During the production process, the necessary operations are carried out by our expert team. We provide service with new generation equipment in line with current technological developments. As Reba Paper products luxury triplex cardboard You can reach our team through communication channels to get detailed information about.