What is Coated Cardboard?

What is Coated Cardboard?

It is a type of thick, hard, flat and shiny cardboard used in the production of printed materials. coated cardboard It offers a high-quality appearance. Since its surface is polished and shiny, it presents colors and prints vividly. It also better captures the details and images on the print results. Therefore, it is an ideal option for graphic design projects and advertising materials.

Coated Cardboard Features

What is Coated Cardboard?

It attracts attention with its flat and smooth surface. The smooth surface ensures the printing of high-quality graphics and text in printing processes. It has a high gloss and reflectivity on its surface. It makes colors appear vivid and clear and makes prints more striking. It is available in different thicknesses and is usually expressed in grams (g/m²).

It offers various thickness options to suit different applications. It is a strong material and is often used as packaging material. It helps protect and transport products. It has a surface that improves print quality. Therefore, it is preferred for vivid and clear printing of colors.

It reflects colors to a high degree, making graphics and pictures look brighter and more eye-catching. It comes with different coating options. Options such as matte or glossy finishes are available. It works well with traditional printing methods such as offset printing. It allows colors to be printed clearly and sharply.

It is widely used in the production of boxes, brochures, flyers, posters, invitation cards and similar products. It can be a recyclable material, providing a more environmentally sustainable option. coated cardboard Features may vary depending on intended use and design preferences. It is a popular option for printing and packaging needs and is widely used in a variety of industries.

Areas of Use of Coated Cardboard

What is Coated Cardboard?

It is frequently preferred on the outer surface of book covers. Its glossy surface makes prints look more vibrant and makes books more attractive. Covers of magazines and newspapers are usually produced using this type of cardboard. It is useful for obtaining colorful and eye-catching covers. Advertising materials such as brochures, flyers, posters and catalogues are produced. The glossy surface makes ads look more striking.

It can be used as part of packaging boxes and packaging designs. It contributes to better presentation of products and brand awareness. Business cards or business cards are produced. It helps business cards make a more professional and high-quality impression. Some box dividers and divider cartons are also produced. It allows the products to be packaged and protected regularly.

Playing cards are produced for board games and card games. The cards are preferred for their durability and print quality. It can be used in restaurants or cafe menus. It makes menus more stylish and durable. Wall calendars or desktop calendars are produced. It makes calendars more attractive and durable.

Can be used as a base for paintings, illustrations and craft projects. Shiny surface can help artworks look more attractive. Its use is quite common in these areas. However, depending on the purpose of use, it has different thicknesses and properties. coated cardboard There are.