What is Coated Paper?

What is Coated Paper?

What is Coated Paper?


It is a type of coated paper used as a high-quality printing material. What is coated paper? This paper is produced by applying a coating agent to one or both surfaces of a flat sheet of paper. The coating material is usually materials such as white clay mineral called kaolin, calcium carbonate or polymer resins. This coating smoothes its surface, increases its durability and improves print quality.

It usually has a colorful and glossy surface and is used in the production of high-quality printing products such as brochures, catalogues, magazines, posters, boxes and packaging. It is also suitable for digital printing processes.

Its features include high whiteness, high brightness, smooth surface texture, high durability and high printing quality. Thanks to these features, it increases the vividness and clarity of colors in printing and also keeps the quality high.


What is Coated Paper? In Which Areas Is It Used?


It can be found in different sizes and weights. Grammages generally range from 70g/m² to 400g/m² and sizes can be found in standard sizes A0 to A7.

What is coated paper? It is among the recyclable materials with environmentally friendly options. It provides a significant benefit in terms of recyclable waste management and helps protect the environment.

It can be used with various printing techniques. For example, printing can be done with techniques such as offset printing, digital printing, screen printing and flexo printing. Therefore, it is used as a versatile printing material.

Coated paper

It is also an ideal option for different marketing and advertising materials. Its colorful and glossy surface is ideal for promotional products, flyers, posters, labels, business cards and packaging products.

As a result, it is an ideal material for high-quality prints. It can meet different printing needs with high whiteness, high brightness, durability and print quality. It is also an environmentally friendly option with its recyclable options.


Different Usage Areas


Usage is not limited to the printing industry only. It is also used in different crafts and DIY projects. What is coated paper? It is especially widely used in crafts such as card making, scrapbooking, souvenir making, flower making.

In addition to being a high-quality printing material, it is also a material that can be shaped easily. Therefore, it can be used in different ways in craft projects. Additionally, thanks to its colorful and shiny surface, it gives a lively and eye-catching appearance to handmade products.

It is also used in DIY projects. Different products can be produced using it in different areas such as home decoration, children's school projects, wedding invitations.

In conclusion, coated paper is a versatile material used in different industries. In addition to being an ideal option for high-quality prints, it can also be used in crafts and DIY projects to produce different products.

It is frequently used for food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging and cosmetic packaging. High whiteness, smooth surface and printing quality make the packages more attractive and eye-catching.

What is coated paper? Food packaging helps preserve the freshness of foods and ensures the longevity of packaging products. In addition, thanks to the printing quality and visual appeal, marketing and promotion of the products becomes easier.

In the healthcare industry, coated paper is used for packaging medicine boxes, catalogs and other medical supplies. The high quality and reliability of these products is an effective factor in choosing them as packaging materials.