What is Chrome Cardboard?

With developing printing technologies, cardboard and paper products are diversified. Among the cardboard types, it is frequently used in the packaging field. What is chrome cardboard? and what size it is are frequently asked by users. We act according to the needs of the industry we serve.

What is Chrome Cardboard?

It is generally produced from recyclable materials. It has two different surfaces: matte and white tones. Chrome paper material is used in many areas, especially in the cleaning and pharmaceutical industries.

We carry out production processes in various weights and sizes that we have in stock. We provide service with our experience in the manufacturing of paper and cardboard products and our professional management staff. We continue our activities with our corporate identity that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Chrome Cardboard Types 

Size and material used What is chrome cardboard? Issues such as content and content are wondered. It is manufactured in the desired shape as desired by the users. It is also preferred because it is less costly than cardboard types in the printing industry. It can basically be examined under four different headings.

  • Normprint: It is a type of cardboard with a gray back side and multiple layers. It gives the desired result in terms of printing with less repetition.
  • Exprint: Provides bright packaging with detailed printing services. Due to the product used within the scope of Exprint, the plaiting opportunity is monitored at very high levels.
  • Luxprint: Luxprint chrome cardboard is used when printing food and cosmetic products, as well as advertising and various graphic designs.
  • Ultra Luxprint: As Reba Kağıt, the desired material is obtained with a small amount of ink with specially selected products on the KM2 line.

What is Chrome Cardboard?

What is Normprint Chrome Cardboard?

Products with different features were designed depending on the needs of paper and cardboard users. It is frequently preferred among chrome cardboard types due to the advantages it provides. Normprint cardboard is a product known for its printing quality. It is also used in packaging cosmetics and food products. Its production is ensured in line with the positive evaluations of consumers. 

It can be produced in different sizes and weights depending on the area of use. For this reason, the properties of the products vary depending on the usage method and packaging process. We serve all over Turkey with the assurance of Reba Kağıt. What is chrome cardboard? You can contact us to get information about it and its types.