What is Bristol Paper?

Paper and cardboard products are used in the boxing processes of luxury packaging. Thanks to new generation printing techniques, it provides the desired result in aesthetic terms. What is Bristol paper? and we will talk about production processes. As Reba Kağıt, we provide service with our advanced printing equipment and experienced team. We mainly work with people operating in the food and cosmetics industry.

Bristol Paper

It is produced in different sizes depending on the area of use. The grammage range of Bristol papers starts from 180 grams and continues up to 450 grams. It is also used in various printing products along with medicine and cake boxes. Very effective results are obtained in printing magazines, front and back covers of books and brochures. American bristol paperIt provides various advantages to manufacturers due to the techniques used during its production. Thus, it is preferred by many people.

What is American Bristol Paper?

We carry out cardboard and paper printing in line with customers' requests. One of our services, bristol paper, provides effective results as a printing material due to the properties of its front and back sides. A high effect is achieved in terms of white and brightness ratio. It has a smooth front and off-white color. For printing suitability, the smooth side is processed. High bending and puncture resistance provides advantages to users.

American Bristol Paper

It has soft surface and convenient coating function. At the same time bristol paper Thanks to its color durability, which is one of its features, the desired aesthetic appearance is achieved. It also provides high thickness results in terms of homogeneous distribution.

As Reba Kağıt, we supply products in requested sizes according to current stock status. We aim to minimize time loss in ensuring customer satisfaction. Together with our large-scale dealerships in the country, we meet the needs of users throughout Türkiye.

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