What is Fund Carton?

Various activities are carried out within the education life. In this sense, help is taken from many paper and cardboard products. What is background cardboard? It is frequently asked by consumers about its usage areas. It is extremely important for students to strengthen their manual skills and coordination. Colored papers and similar materials are used in activities held at schools. In this way, it contributes greatly to the cognitive development of children.

Background Cardboard

As Reba Kağıt, we supply products in desired colors and sizes. We provide services in line with our customers' requests and demands. We work with many companies with our many years of experience in the field of paper and cardboard manufacturing. We stand out with our expert management team and competent personnel. At the same time, we care about users' opinions thanks to our advanced production systems.

What is Colored Background Cardboard?

It has been among the materials requested by educators since the preschool period. It is known to be beneficial for the development of motor skills at an early age. background cardboard It is applied in shaping and other handicraft activities. It has some differences compared to similar types of cardboard. It offers ease of use because it is thinner.

Colored Background Cardboard

It stands out with its high durability compared to ordinary paper. It also provides an advantage with the variety it offers in terms of color options. You can get a lively and bright appearance, and the desired aesthetic results are achieved. It is usually used in A4 size. It is also produced in different sizes depending on people's wishes. These can be exemplified as A6, A3 and A2.

In terms of usage, it can be found in broadcasting tools other than the education sector. Background paper is used in printing magazines, newspapers and books. It is preferred over hard cardboards due to its ease of reading and use. It does not cause difficulties in students' activities during the cutting and cutting processes of the papers. as Reba Paper What is background cardboard? You can contact our team for your questions such as and in which areas it is suitable for use.