What is Autocopied Paper?

What is Autocopied Paper?

What is Autocopied Paper?

It is a special type of paper mostly used for reproducing invoices, receipts, order forms and various other documents. The most distinctive feature of this paper is that it automatically creates a copy on the underlying papers when written or printed on. autocopied paperThis provides great convenience in operations requiring multiple copies, often without carbon paper or other duplication technologies.

What is the Usage Style of Autocopied Paper?

It is a type of multilayer paper designed specifically for easy reproduction of documents. This special paper, which allows the transfer of information or visual from an upper layer to a lower layer, was developed as an alternative to carbon paper. However, its working principle is slightly different from carbon paper.What is the Usage Style of Autocopied Paper?

autocopied paper, usually consists of two or more layers of paper. The upper (first) layer is the part on which writing or printing is done. The lower layers accordingly contain a reactive substance.
The lower layers often contain microencapsulated dyes. When these microcapsules break under pressure, they release the dye they contain.
When a text is written or printed on the top layer, this pressure breaks the microcapsules and the dye is released. This paint appears in the form of a specific pattern or text depending on the area on which pressure is applied.
Color change occurs as a result of the released dye reacting with the reagent on the substrate. This allows the text or image to be copied to the bottom layer.

What are the Usage Areas of Autocopied Paper?

Many businesses keep a copy of the original invoice issued to the customer for their own records. autocopied paper uses. This makes it possible to create two or more copies simultaneously for the seller and the buyer.

Restaurants, retail stores or other service providers may choose to record customer orders and provide copies to both the customer and the business. In the cargo and logistics industry, it may be necessary to provide documents containing the same information to both the sender and the receiver. Autocopied papers serve this purpose. Automobile services, electronic repair services, or other repair and maintenance services may require a copy showing transaction details to both the customer and the service provider. In surveys or evaluation forms, the participant may be asked to keep one copy of their answers with the institution or organization and the other copy to remain with the participant.

Banks sometimes use it to simultaneously record various transaction information in customer and bank records. In some cases, it may be necessary to provide copies of agreements signed between the parties to both parties. Hospitals and clinics can use it when recording patients' medical information to provide copies for both the patient and the institution. Stores or warehouses record stock entry and exit information autocopied paper It provides information to both the seller and the buyer.

What are the advantages of autocopied paper?

What are the advantages of autocopied paper?It is preferred in many areas thanks to its multi-layered structure and simple use. Autocopied sheets are one of the fastest ways to make multiple copies. There is no need for extra steps such as inserting carbon paper or making photocopies. Multiple copies are made with a single write or print operation. This provides great convenience, especially in operations that require a large number of copies.

Using carbon paper may leave carbon marks on the hands or on the paper. autocopied paper, eliminates such a problem. Thanks to layers of different colors, each copy can be easily separated and distributed to different departments or individuals. The ability to obtain multiple copies in a single operation saves time and materials. It can be used wherever and whenever you want, without the need for a photocopier or other copying device.

It is not affected by the malfunction of technological devices or power outages. This provides a great advantage, especially in critical situations. Autocopied papers do not require as much space as a photocopier or similar devices. This provides ease of storage and transportation. Unlike disposable carbon paper, it produces less waste. Additionally, many can be recycled. Available in different sizes, colors and number of layers autocopied paper available. This provides a customizable solution as per need.