What is Autocopy Paper?

What is Autocopy Paper?

It is a special type of paper used to easily create one or more copies of a document. autocopy paper It can generally be carbonaceous or carbonless.

Carbonaceous, when written, creates a copy by leaving a mark on the copy paper underneath. Carbonless, on the other hand, creates copies by working with pressure-sensitive chemicals during the printing or writing process.

Autocopy Paper Properties

What is Autocopy Paper?

It generally has a thin and light structure. So it can be easily used when writing or copying. It contains some type of carbon coating on the back. Thanks to the coating, the text written or printed on it is transferred to the paper underneath.

It may contain different colored carbon layers. For example, color copies can be made thanks to black, blue and red carbon layers. It leaves marks easily when writing or marking, which ensures clear and legible results when copying.

Papers can be separated after use because the text written or printed on them is copied onto another sheet of paper underneath. Available in black and white or color options. Color options allow you to make copies in different colors.

autocopy paper, is still common despite the proliferation of digital technology. It is quite useful in situations where some documents still need to be physically copied.

Autocopy Paper Usage Areas

What is Autocopy Paper?

By placing a document on the paper on which it is written, it allows the same text to be copied onto another paper in the same way. It is frequently used for copying or distributing important documents.

It is used by businesses to duplicate invoices and orders to customers or suppliers. This way, a copy of the documents can be kept for business records. The other copy can be sent to the customer or supplier.

A copy of legal documents, contracts, and agreements may be retained or distributed to interested parties. Accounting and finance departments are used to record financial documents and transactions.

It is widely used in the transport industry, such as bus tickets, train tickets and transport documentation. Copies of tickets for passengers or freight transport information for transport companies may be reproduced.

In the public sector, it is used for the reproduction of official documents and forms. For example, copies of tax forms or government applications may be obtained. Copies of technical documents such as construction projects and architectural drawings can be made.

It is used by educational institutions to make copies of documents such as exam papers, certificates and lecture notes. autocopy paperis a practical tool that allows easy reproduction of documents.

Advantages of Using Autocopy Paper

It makes it possible to copy a document quickly and efficiently instead of copying it manually. It saves time in the business or office environment. It is generally cost-effective, making it an economical option. Traditional carbon paper may leave carbon traces during use, making the paper difficult to clean.

autocopy paperis designed to prevent carbon traces and therefore ensures cleaner results. As Reba Kağıt, we provide services regarding paper, cardboard sizing and machine production. You can visit our website to get detailed information about our products. If you wish, you can contact us via the contact number on our website.