Paper Sizing Machine

We can see the benefits of industrial developments in many sectors in recent years. Faster and more effective results are achieved with new generation systems in paper and cardboard production. paper sizing machine We have more than 25 pieces of equipment within the scope of production. As Reba Kağıt, we serve with our different product range under our REAL Machinery brand.

Paper Sizing

We stand out with our many years of experience in paper and cardboard production. We aim to create employment in the field with our corporate identity. In particular, we contribute to industrial and production infrastructures across the country. There are many benefits of paper sizing being done by electronic systems. It provides advantages to users by providing reliable and practical service.

What is the Use of Paper Sizing Machine?

Machines are used to minimize the margin of error during paper production. It contributes to the production stages with its anti-static pneumatic attractive roller. two sleeve carton or paper sizing machine It provides ease of use to manufacturers. Coil width and coil diameter range varies between models. In this way, we aim to meet the needs of the sector you serve.

Sizing Machine

It provides many benefits to people with its features such as touch HMI panel and clamping cone. It has the feature of adjusting the cutting length to the dimensions you need. You can also adjust sensitivity and speed settings. As Reba Kağıt, we manufacture slitting and sizing machines. We serve many parts of Turkey with our experienced and expert staff. Slitting and paper sizing machine You can contact us to get information about and get offers.