Paper and Cardboard Types

Paper and cardboard used in many areas, especially printing, are divided into classes according to needs. In addition to the primary and secondary pulp papers commonly used in the printing industry, various types of cardboard and paper can be used in different sectors.

types of paper and cardboard1.Pulp Paper

First pulp papers are among the most commonly used paper types. First pulp paper is generally used in book and brochure printing.

2.Pulp Paper

Second-pulp paper, which has a higher cellulose and wood ratio than first-pulp paper, is frequently used in printing processes. Since its quality and degree of whiteness are lower than the first paste, it is generally not preferred for high quality prints.

3.Pulp Paper

3.pulp paper is also known as straw paper. In some magazine and newspaper printing, third-party paper is used.


One side of Bristol cardboard is bright and completely white, and the other side is rough. Bristol paper is generally used for printing book and magazine covers.

Autocopy Paper

Autocopy papers are mostly used in copy printing. Autocopy papers are used for printing such as invoices, receipts and delivery notes.

Chrome Cardboard

Chrome cardboard, which is environmentally friendly because it is produced from recycled papers, can be used in different areas. Chrome papers, also called Duplex and Triplex, are used in many areas, including packaging and graphic printing.

Tracing Paper

Tracing papers are mostly used for design work. In addition to the printing industry, tracing paper can also be used to adjust the light ratio.


Kraft papers are recycled papers used in packaging and boxes. Although it is of low quality, it is environmentally friendly and low cost.