Office and Business Papers

Paper products are actively used within the scope of workplace and school activities. The variety of materials needed varies depending on the sector served. Therefore office and business papers How the selection is made is very important. It has an impact on keeping the operations within the institution under control.

What are Office and Business Papers?

It constitutes a wide range of products such as writing papers, printer papers, continuous format and autocopy papers, drawing papers and banknote papers. For example;

Office and Business Papers

  • Data sheets and cardboards: user manual, used for mechanical, electronic and magnetic input and output of data
  • Continuous form papers: Papers used as continuous forms with or without wood pulp, most of which contain old paper.
  • Font: Glued papers with a weight of 60-80 g/m2
  • Carbonless Copy Paper: Papers with color-forming chemical content that self-copy without carbon paper when under pressure.
  • Photocopy papers: Used for photocopying and contactless printing (such as laser). Its grammage is around 70-90 and its ISO Whiteness is around 80-96 %. The most important feature sought in photocopy papers is their smooth operation in the photocopier and their dimensional stability. It should not create dust when making copies. Most often it is made from % 90-100 cellulose, but there are also copier papers containing up to 0 old paper.

Administrative processes of institutions and organizations should be carried out without interruption. At this point, as Reba Kağıt office and business papers We stand out in production. We provide services with advanced infrastructure systems and a wide stock list.

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