Normprint Cardboard Prices

Paper and cardboard products appear in various areas throughout the day. It is actively used in packaging, promotion and textile industries. one of these normprint cardboard prices Topics such as and production processes are frequently asked. It is one of the chrome cardboard types. It differs with the materials and techniques used during its production.

Chrome Normprint Cardboard

As Reba Kağıt, we provide service with our advanced technological infrastructure and professional team. The products needed vary depending on the industry our customers are in. We carry out the necessary applications in line with the requested product in terms of usage area, size and variety. With over 30 years of experience in the sector, we achieve effective results in paper and cardboard production.

Chrome Normprint Cardboard Prices

It is a material used in packaging and packaging production processes. Compared to its counterparts, less ink is used. In this way normprint cardboard A bright print is obtained from the products. It is noted that it has a positive effect, especially in terms of lacquerability. Coating is applied to the top surface. Aesthetically, the appearance desired by consumers is achieved.

Normprint Cardboard

Apart from Normprint chrome cardboard, there are different types such as exprint and luxtriplex. The product demanded varies according to the needs of the sector and producers served. It stands out among multi-layer coated chrome cardboards due to certain factors. Since its back surface is gray, it provides advantages in box making and printing applications.

We provide services to companies working in different fields within Reba Kağıt ve Karton. We operate on a national and global scale, especially in machinery production. We ensure that the products reach you in a short time with fast and reliable shipping. We provide service with our technological infrastructure that improves day by day and our professional field team. Normprint cardboard prices You can contact us for stock and stock information.