Luxury Triplex Cardboard Features

Luxury Triplex Cardboard Features

It is a type of cardboard that consists of three layers of paper and provides extra thickness and strength compared to single-layer cardboard. Lux triplex cardboard featuresIt generally provides comfortable use in packaging, signage and other applied areas where a durable and robust material is needed. It is also known as three-wall cardboard or three-layer cardboard.

What are the Features of Luxury Triplex Cardboard?

It is a strong and durable material with the following properties; It is much thicker than single-ply cardboard, giving it additional strength and rigidity. The three layers of paper in the cardboard are bonded together using a special adhesive that provides excellent strength and resistance to tearing. The extra thickness and strength of cardboard makes it highly resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for use in packaging and other applications where the material must withstand handling and transportation.

Luxury Triplex Cardboard FeaturesLux triplex cardboard features Thanks to its durability, it can be used in many areas. But this cardboard can also be cut, folded and printed on and is completely recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for packaging and other applications.

In Which Areas Is It Used?

It is generally used in the production of packaging, box making, advertising posters, catalogues, brochures and similar products. It is also the preferred material for high-quality printing products. Due to the high strength, durability and aesthetic appearance of this material, it is used in various industries. For example, it is also used in the construction industry. This material is also used in the production of molds used in construction projects.

What are their sizes and types?

It can be cut into the desired format during production. For example, it can also be produced in standard sizes such as A4, A3, A2, A1. It can also be produced in custom sizes. Their types may vary according to their thickness and strength. For example, it can be produced in thicknesses such as 250 g/m², 300 g/m², 350 g/m², 400 g/m². Lux triplex cardboard featuresmay change the intended use of the cardboard. Those produced in these thicknesses can be used for different purposes. For example, thicker cardboard can support heavier loads because it has higher strength.