A special type of paper used for official documents, letters, notices, proposals, and other business correspondence. There is usually a special section at the top with information such as institution or company name, logo, address, telephone and fax numbers. Letterhead ensures that the document has a professional and formal appearance and favors staffing.

Letterhead Features

It has a special design that includes the logo or name of an organization. This design makes the document more formal and provides information about the document's source. Secondly, it is produced by treating paper pulp with water. This process makes the paper more durable and of higher quality. It is usually measured in weight as 80 g/m². This makes the paper lightweight and easy to transport.


It is produced in A4 size as standard. However, it can also be found in different sizes. The colors are manufactured as white or light colored. In terms of paper quality letterheadIt is produced from high and quality papers. Thus, it enables the paper to make printed texts clearer and more readable. It provides advantages to users with its smooth surface. In this way, it makes printed texts appear clearer. Finally, although it is a high-quality type of paper, it is generally affordable and readily available in most offices.

What are Letterhead Paper Samples?

Single-sided papers have the letterhead print on only one side, and the other side is blank. Double-sided letterhead papers have letterhead printing on both the front and back sides. This type of paper provides a more professional appearance. In color examples, these are papers where the letterhead prints in color instead of black and white.

You can reflect your organization's identity by using various colors. The person's name, title and/or contact information are also included on the personalized letterhead. It is especially used when you want to create a personalized effect. Although paper samples of different sizes are A4 sized as standard, they can also be produced in different sizes.

For example, a smaller A5 size product may be preferred. These types of papers are generally designed to reflect the identity of the company or organization and provide a professional appearance. Also used in official correspondence letterhead types can leave a positive impression in the business world by increasing the reputation of the organization.