Intermediate Cardboard Prices

It is used in various sectors such as textile and cosmetics. It stands out with its surfaces of different textures, including matte and white. It is produced from materials suitable for recycling. by individuals intermediate carton prices And it is wondered in what weights it is produced. As Reba Kağıt, we produce cardboard products in the weight ranges of 200, 230, 300, 350, 400 and 450 grams.

Chrome Intermediate Cardboard

We have advantageous pricing options depending on the area of use. We deliver to every point of Turkey with our wide stock list. We offer various services such as printing, packaging and label production. At the same time, we meet your needs in the textile industry, bag and packaging production. Depending on our stock status, we provide delivery within the specified lead time. 

Chrome Intermediate Cardboard Prices

Chrome intermediate cardboard provides high efficiency in the products created despite the use of a small amount of ink. Thus, it is among the preferred paper types in the field of packaging and wrapping. At the same time, the desired result is achieved in terms of print quality. We provide service according to the dimensions requested by people. The advanced technological equipment we use for production and printing also has a positive impact.

In pharmaceutical, cosmetics and textile industries chrome intermediate carton It is among the frequently used products. It stands out due to the benefits it provides in terms of ease of production and use. It is preferred by manufacturers due to the smooth, white and durable structure of one side of the product. It is included in the packaging process of clothes to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Chrome Intermediate Cardboard Production 

Intermediate Cardboard Prices

It is frequently used by companies producing in the textile field. It contributes positively to the process of preparing products for sale. It has functions such as preventing the materials from wrinkling and keeping them neatly. It provides advantages to people in terms of both durability and practical use.

As Reba Kağıt, we benefit from the latest technological opportunities. We have been providing service for many years with our experienced and professional staff. We also provide production to individuals in areas such as printing, packaging, invitations and bags. We act with as little margin of error as possible in the production and delivery processes.

We manufacture paper and cardboard with high quality and fast shipping options. We provide service within the framework of superior quality standards with our advanced production systems and professional team. you too intermediate carton prices You can contact us for your questions about the stock list.