In Which Areas Is Chrome Cardboard Used?

In Which Areas Is Chrome Cardboard Used?

It is used in various areas, especially in the packaging and packaging industry. It is available in two different sides: matte and whitened smooth surface. In which areas is chrome cardboard used? In this sense, it is one of the questions frequently asked by users. It is a type of paper used in products for special occasions, promotions and similar purposes. At the same time, effective results are obtained in the packaging processes of medicines, cosmetics, food and beverages. As Reba Kağıt, we serve with our products ranging from 300 to 450 grams. It is produced using recyclable materials as raw materials.

What are the Types of Chrome Cardboard?

Due to its structural features, it is very suitable for box and packaging production. There are four different types depending on individuals' wishes and usage area. Normprint is known for delivering extremely high quality results on packaging. The back side is gray in color and consists of multiple layers. Thanks to the blade coated technique, a bright image is obtained after printing. Other chrome cardboard Less amount of ink is used depending on the type.

In Which Areas is Chrome Cardboard Available?

Prints that require detailed processing are carried out with the exprint cardboard type. The product has a high bonding function due to the ingredients it contains. Multi-layer coated coating is applied on the highest surface between the layers using the blade technique. In this way, the desired aesthetic appearance is achieved.

In Which Areas Is Chrome Cardboard Used?

Finally, cardboard types called luxprint and ultra luxprint can be mentioned. It is preferred in the promotion, food and pharmaceutical industries due to its white back surface. Ultra luxprint are products that contain high amounts of white tones. A precise and high-quality result is achieved thanks to multi-layer coated technology throughout the printing process.

It stands out in its field by providing fast and high-quality service. As Reba Kağıt, we aim to achieve the desired result by keeping customer satisfaction among our priorities. In which areas is chrome paper used? or you can contact us to get an offer about our products.