How to produce paper

How Is Paper Produced?

How to produce paperPaper production is basically created by processing plant fibers by making them flat. Cotton or wood is usually used for this process. After the production phase of the paper, it is filled with substances such as adhesive, mineral and pigment.

After the tree, which is the raw material of paper, is cut and turned into logs, the bark of the logs is peeled. Then the logs are cut into small pieces and made ready for dough form. Paper pulp is obtained by using a mixture of chemicals in the grinder.

After the pulp is obtained, the mixing process is carried out. During the mixing stage, the fibers are smoothed. Then, the dough is poured onto the moving embankment and its water content is removed. It is then compressed with the help of a cylinder and finally passed through the hot cylinder. In this way, paper production is completed.