History of Paper Production

History of Paper Production

According to records, paper was first produced in China in 105 AD. For the next 500 years, this technology was used only in China, and in 610 it spread first to Japan and then to Central Asia. Paper appeared in Egypt in 800, and began to be produced there only after 900.

Paper Production

Paper came to Europe with the Arab invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, and the first paper production facility was established in Spain in 1150.

Over the next 2 centuries, this art spread to other parts of Europe. With the development of printing technology in the 15th century, books began to be printed widely, paper manufacturing industryThe first paper mill in England was established in 1495, and in America in 1690.

At the beginning of the 19th century, due to the scarcity of raw materials paper productionThere was a crisis in . Since European papermakers were used to making paper from cotton fiber, this crisis pushed them to search for alternative raw materials. This search led to the use of wood in paper production. The solution to this problem was achieved in 1840 by using cheap and simple available wood with the Mechanical Groundwood Process.

On the other hand, paper production technology began to advance with the development of the first practical paper machine by Nicolas Louis Robert in 1798. This machine was later developed further by the British brothers Henry and Sealy Fourdrinier, and their names are still used today. paper machine It is used as type.

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