It is used in different production areas such as paper, printed publications, cosmetics and packaging. With the developing printing techniques, different sizes and weights are produced. pulp paper products are available. Production stages vary due to functionality and aesthetic reasons. Therefore, the amount of cellulose and wood is recorded at different values.

Paper and cardboard is a product frequently used by the education sector. He plays an active role in notebooks, books, advertisements and posters. While planning the production stages, the opinions of the users are also evaluated along with the features of the product. As Reba Kağıt, we take your needs into consideration with our experienced team. We provide services in line with our superior service approach with our advanced production facilities.

What is Pulp Paper?

Paper Pulp

Pulp Paper Properties 

pulp paper It is classified as first, second and third dough. Especially in first pulp papers, the cellulose rate is high and they are suitable for high quality printing. This type of paper is generally used in correspondence and commercial document printing. It is made from various herbal ingredients turned into dough. It can be defined as a dry, thin leaf suitable for writing, printing, or wrapping something.

Second pulp paper is preferred because it is more cost-effective. Additionally, it is known for being very close to white in color. Therefore, it provides an advantage in printing works. It can be produced in different weights according to people's wishes.