Coil Sizing Machine

Coil Sizing Machine

The materials to be processed in offset printing are made suitable for the printing plate. As Reba Kağıt, with our production-oriented working approach and experience in the sector, coil sizing machine We have sales. Cost planning and determination of production stages are very important in terms of sustainability. We manufacture American Bristol paper, chrome cardboard and autocopy papers in the desired size and number. We have a wholesale sales advantage to our customers operating in various fields.

Sizing Machine

Coil Sizing Machine Production

Thanks to developing technological opportunities, it has a positive impact on manufacturing and production processes. In this way, transactions are carried out in a shorter time and with less effort. At the same time, there is less chance of an error rate occurring at the end of the processes. Slitting and sizing systems emerged as a result of people's needs for paper and cardboard products. It is called two-arm sizing machine, clamping cone and touch HMI panel.

  • Two Arm Sizing Machine: Coil sizing It is possible to obtain maximum coil width and diameter within the systems. It varies depending on the model of the device used. Two-arm sizing machines have features such as touch panel and double servo motor.
  • Clamping Cone: We produce and sell paper and cardboard machines with automatic tension control brake feature and air cooling technology.
  • Touch HMI Panel: Adjustments such as coil cutting length and speed are made. Cutting length and precision are controlled via the touch HMI panel. It is very easy to use with its specially designed interface and language options.

In addition to the manufacture of paper and cardboard products coil sizing machine We are a pioneer in the sector with our production. We serve our customers with over 10 years of experience and advanced infrastructure systems. You can contact us through our communication channels to get offers and get information about production processes.