Coated Paper Weights

Coated Paper Weights

It is a type of paper with high quality, glossy and matte surfaces. It is often used by businesses and professionals and is used to print products such as advertising, brochures, catalogs and invitations. Coated paper weights It is available in many parts of our daily life with its variety of sizes and sizes.

In Which Areas Are Coated Paper Weights Used?

Weights are important for print quality and durability. Higher grammage coated papers provide a more professional appearance as they are thicker and more durable. It may also become more suitable for printing.
80-90 g/m²: Used for printing various brochures, invitations and advertising purposes.
100-120 g/m²: Used for catalogues, newsletters, reports and various documents.
130-150 g/m²: Used for prints such as thick cover books, thick brochures and manuals.
160 g/m² and above: This coated paper weights Used for high quality prints such as banners, posters and wall maps.

Coated Paper WeightsCoated Paper Prices

Its production is carried out by processing the paper raw material in hot water and subsequent pressing. As a result of this process, the paper surface becomes brighter and more durable. Coated paper is used especially for printing processes. 

Prices may vary depending on factors such as paper type, weight, size and printing volume. For example, higher grammage coated papers are sold at higher prices, while more affordable coated papers can be found for smaller printing volumes. 

Additionally, higher prices may be charged for special colors and shapes. You can get information about our prices by looking at the website of Reba Kağıt, a preferred company in paper and cardboard products. Various paper products on our site and in our company, coated paper weights and information about the products are available.