Coated Paper Usage Areas

Coated papers are generally used in brochures, flyers or advertising posters prepared by designers. Coated papers are generally not used for purposes such as writing or drawing. Coated papers are preferred in printing and printing processes.

coated paper usage areasCoated Paper Types

Coated papers are classified as matte, semi-matte or glossy. In addition, they can be divided into categories according to their weight. Coated paper is classified according to gr/m2 weight as follows:

  • 80g/m2
  • 90g/m2
  • 115g/m2
  • 135g/m2
  • 170g/m2
  • 200g/m2
  • 250 gr/m2
  • 300g/m2
  • 350g/m2

Since the quality of the paper will affect the quality of the work to be done with coated paper, care should be taken in paper selection. Coated papers, which are widely used in areas such as advertising, promotion and magazine printing, can be purchased in bulk.