coated paper types

Coated Paper Types

Coated paper; It is the type of paper used in magazines, newspapers, books, posters, brochures and flyers, and is frequently preferred by designers today. Promotions and advertisements made with coated paper give much more successful results because they attract more people's attention. Since coated paper is a quality paper type, it gives people a quality product/service image about the advertised product/service. With coated paper, the risk of paper deterioration is minimized and positive feedback is provided to customers regarding printing quality and cost.

Coated Paper Types

Coated paper types, which are indispensable papers of the advertising world, are as follows;

Glossy Coated Paper: It is easy to process and dries much faster than other coated paper types. They are preferred for large advertising campaigns.

Matte Coated Paper: Matte coated papers are preferred for magazine and book printing. They are heavier than the coated papers used in brochure advertisements.