Chrome Cardboard

It is one of the most frequently used cardboard types in packaging and packaging areas. Since it is obtained from recycled papers, it also provides a cost advantage. It is usually used in the packaging of products such as medicine, cosmetics and cleaning materials. chrome cardboard is used.

Chrome Cardboard Dimensions

Compared to paper and cardboard products, it can be produced in different sizes and weights depending on the area of use. However, the quality of the cardboard may vary depending on the way it is used and the quality required during the packaging process.


More economical than other types of paper and cardboard chrome cardboardIt is extremely suitable for use in the field of packaging.

Chrome Cardboard

chrome cardboard

Areas of Use of Chrome Cardboard

The areas where it is most commonly used by users and companies are boxes and packaging products. Most of the packages whose outer material is cardboard chrome cardboard Produced using .

In addition to boxes and packaging, it is used in the production of plastered and unplastered boxes, medicine boxes, cake and baklava packaging. It is a material used in the textile products, gift and electronic goods industries. It is also a product used in toy packages.

Chrome Cardboard Prices

Generally, it may vary depending on the nature of the cardboard, its weight and quality. Since it is produced from recycled paper, it is much more economical than other packaging materials.


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