Chrome Cardboard Weights

Chrome Cardboard Weights

Chrome cardboard is a type of coating material used in paper and cardboard products. Chrome cardboard weights, It is known for its high brightness, high whiteness and good print quality. Chrome cardboard usually consists of two layers. First, it is usually a thicker layer of cardboard that forms the bottom. The second is a thin layer of chrome plating that covers the top. This coating layer is created using chromium or another metallic substance on paper pulp.

It is used for stylish and high-quality looking packaging, brochures, business cards, posters, book covers, boxes and other printing products. It can also be used in various industries such as food packaging and medical supplies. Another advantage of chrome cardboard is its resistance to light and moisture. Thanks to these features, it ensures the protection of the products and provides durability. In addition to being a recyclable material, it is generally low cost. Therefore, in most cases, it is preferred as an inexpensive and visually impressive printing material.

Chrome Cardboard Weights and Production Stage

Chrome Cardboard WeightsChrome cardboard production generally consists of two main stages, cardboard production and coating process. Cardboard production, which forms the lower layer of chrome cardboard, is generally made using wood pulp or recycled paper. Wood pulp or recycled paper fibers are pulped to create a paper pulp. This pulp is then compressed and dried in a special machine for cardboard making.

As a result of this process, chrome cardboard weights A thick and durable cardboard layer is obtained. The cardboard layer is then subjected to chrome plating. This process usually consists of the following steps. First of all, it is prepared carefully to ensure that the surface is smooth and even. In this step, any dirt, oil or other residue on the cardboard is cleaned and its surface is customized.

It is then subjected to chrome plating. In this process, a layer of chrome plating is applied on the cardboard layer. Chrome plating is a thin film layer created using chromium or a metallic substance. After the coating process, it is subjected to a drying process. The drying process ensures that the coating layer solidifies and the cardboard dries completely. It is subjected to a special wiping process to remove any defects or errors on its surface. Chrome cardboard production is carried out by following these stages. The result is a printing material known for its high brightness, high whiteness and good print quality. Chrome cardboard weights You can contact our team for detailed information about.

Chrome Cardboard Weight Prices

Chrome cardboard weights, may vary depending on many factors. These factors may include the quality of the chrome plating, the thickness of the cardboard, the size of the paper, and the production quantity. Therefore, it is difficult to determine a general price. It is not possible to give an exact price for a direct weight or size. However, in general the price of chrome cardboard may be slightly higher compared to other types of cardboard or paper. This is because the chrome plating process has additional costs. In addition, the cost of chrome plating material is high. In terms of weight, chrome cardboards have a weight between 200-350 grams. Chrome cardboards, which may vary depending on their intended use, are sold in the market.