Areas of Use of Chrome Cardboard

Chrome cardboard is among the most diverse paper types. It has a matte and smooth surface and is often used for packaging. Chrome cardboard usage areas It is also widely used in printing such as invitations and brochures.

chrome cardboard usage areas

Chrome cardboard is environmentally friendly because it is produced from recycled papers. It is advantageous to use chrome cardboard in packaging processes because its surface is white and smooth. Since it is obtained from recycled papers, the cost of chrome cardboard is also low. Therefore, using chrome cardboard in ready-made packages provides benefits both economically and functionally.

What are the Usage Areas of Chrome Cardboard?

Chrome cardboards, which can be produced in different sizes and weights, are sold wholesale. The business areas where chrome cardboard, which comes in duplex (GD) and triplex (GT) types, are most frequently used are as follows:

  1. Cleaning material packaging,
  2. pharmaceutical packaging,
  3. cosmetics industry,
  4. industrial cigarette box,
  5. food packaging,
  6. Notebook and book cover