Chrome Cardboard Types

Chrome Cardboard Types

Chrome cardboard is a type of cardboard produced from recycled papers and widely used in the packaging industry. There are different types of chrome cardboards, which are divided into duplex and triplex.

Normprint Chrome Cardboard

Normprint chrome cardboard (GD) allows quality printing using a small amount of ink, thanks to its multi-layer coated feature. The back side of normprints is gray.

Exprint Chrome Cardboard

Exprint (GD) chrome cardboard is suitable for glossy printing with less ink, like Normprint chrome cardboard. Exprint is widely used in graphic printing processes.

Luxprint Chrome Cardboard

The back side of Luxprint (GT) chrome cardboards is white. For this reason, luxprint chrome cardboard is widely used as packaging material in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Ultra Luxprint Chrome Cardboard

Ultra luxprint chrome cardboards have a higher whiteness value than luxprints. Quality and precise printing can be achieved by using less ink on Ultra Luxprint chrome cardboards.