Chrome Cardboard Features

Chrome Cardboard Features

It is actively used in the packaging and packaging industry. It consists of two different faces, white and matte. Since it has been frequently requested by people in recent years chrome cardboard features It is wondered. Due to its colorful outer surface, it is used in the cosmetics industry and various fields. There are many types depending on the production style. We can give normprint, exprint, luxprint and ultra luxprint chrome cardboard types as examples.

Advantages of Chrome Cardboard

As Reba Kağıt, we offer high quality products with our many years of experience. We have 24/7 service available to all corners of Turkey. We meet your paper needs with chrome cardboard types that vary depending on the area of use. With the Reba difference, chrome cardboard stands out with its high quality and fast delivery.

What are the Features of Chrome Cardboard?

Chrome printing paper has smooth and thick features. Herbal products are used during the production phase. For this reason, it is compatible with recycling chrome cardboard advantages It is one of the most well-known factors. It is noted that effective results are mostly obtained in offset printing technique on packages with or without coating.

Chrome Cardboard Features

Another feature is that one side of some chrome cardboard types is satinized to a very high level. For this reason, it is a product used in promotional and invitation printing purposes. It is also used in detailed prints for business cards and advertising purposes. It is known as Luxprint chrome cardboard and is known to provide advantages in terms of the level of ink used. Thanks to the blade technology applied to the top surface, an aesthetically pleasing and shiny result is achieved.

It is a type of paper used in printing works in many different fields such as the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to Reba Kağıt services, you can benefit from an extensive stock list and advantageous wholesale pricing opportunities. We sell as coils or trucks. you too chrome cardboard features You can contact us to get information about it and its usage areas.