Bristol paper is a type of paper whose front side is white and smooth and the back side is rough and off-white. Bristol papers, also known as American Bristol paper and used in areas such as book and magazine covers, are mostly printed on the front side.


Bristol papers are ideal for printing because their front side is white and smooth. The back side of Bristol cardboards is not suitable for color printing. For this reason, pressure is generally not applied to the rough surface.

Usage Areas of Bristol Paper

Book and magazine covers are among the most frequently used areas of Bristol cardboard. Bristol paper is widely used in book and magazine covers because its cost is not very high and the front side is suitable for color printing.

bristol paper production

Bristol Paper Sizes

Bristol papers can be produced in different weights. The weights of Bristol papers are as follows:

  • 180g/m2
  • 200g/m2
  • 225g/m2
  • 250 gr/m2
  • 300g/m2
  • 330g/m2
  • 350g/m2
  • 450g/m2

Bristol Paper Prices

Bristol paper prices may vary depending on the weight and quality of the paper. Wholesale Bristol cardboard prices may also vary depending on the way the cardboard is produced. To get information about Bristol cardboard prices communication You can contact us on the page.