Bristol Paper usage areas

Usage Areas of Bristol Paper

Bristol papers are widely used in areas where single-sided printing is required, especially book and magazine covers. The lower costs of Bristol papers make them more preferred in areas such as printing.

While one side of Bristol cardboard is extremely suitable for printing, the other side is rough and unsuitable for printing. For this reason, printing is generally done on the shiny and smooth front side of Bristol papers. The back side of Bristol papers, also called American Bristol paper, is generally not printed on.

Bristol Paper Sizes

Bristol papers can be produced in different weights. The weights of Bristol papers are as follows:

  • 180g/m2
  • 200g/m2
  • 225g/m2
  • 250 gr/m2
  • 300g/m2
  • 330g/m2
  • 350g/m2
  • 450g/m2

Bristol papers can be used in different areas depending on their size and weight. Bristol paper prices, which are generally used for book, notebook or magazine covers, are much more economical than other paper materials used for printing.