Bristol Paper Types

Bristol Paper Types

It is a high-quality type of paper and is often used in arts and crafts projects. It is a thick paper made from a mixture of cotton or cellulose fibers. Its surface is smooth and can be used both sides. Bristol paper typesSuitable for use with ink, pastel, gouache, pencil, drawing pen and other art supplies. It can be available in different thicknesses and sizes and is usually white in color.

What are the Bristol Paper Types?

The Bristol card is one of the most common varieties. Both surfaces are produced smooth and matte. It is often used in materials such as invitations, brochures and business cards. Although Bristol mat has a smooth surface like a card, its surface is slightly matted.

This paper is used for printing posters, brochures and similar materials. Bristol glossy paper has a glossy surface rather than a smooth surface. This paper is used for a more special and striking look. It is generally used for printing brochures, posters and similar materials.

The color of Bristol cream paper is a slightly darker shade of white. This paper is especially used for wedding invitations, birthday invitations and similar materials. Bristol canvas paper has a canvas-textured surface.

Bristol paper typesIt is especially used in printing pictures and posters. Bristol surface paper is a paper that is textured on one surface and smooth on the other. This paper is used primarily for materials such as artwork and flyers.

Bristol Paper TypesBristol Paper Sizes and Weights

The standard size of this paper is considered to be 22 x 28 inches (55.9 x 71.1 cm). However, it can also be found in different sizes. This paper is usually available in a range of weights, each of which can be of a different thickness and hardness. For example, a 100 lb paper means it weighs 100 pounds and is a thicker and tougher type of paper.

The grammage of this type of paper may differ depending on the weight of the paper. It is generally available in weights ranging from 90 g/m² (60 lb) to 270 g/m² (170 lb). Below are some of the commonly used grammages of Bristol paper:

90g/m² (60lb)

135g/m² (90lb)

180g/m² (120lb)

220g/m² (140lb)

270g/m² (170lb)

Different grammages of this paper type have different thickness and hardness levels and are preferred for different applications. For example, lighter papers are often used for painting or creating works of art, while heavier papers bristol paper types Can be used for higher quality printing projects such as invitations, brochures or business cards.