Bristol Cardboard Prices

Bristol Cardboard Prices

Bristol paper is a type of paper whose front side is white and smooth and the back side is rough and off-white. It is ideal for printing because its front side is white and smooth. For this reason, pressure is generally not applied to the rough surface. Bristol board prices You can browse our website to get more information about it.

What is Bristol Cardboard?

Bristol board is a type of paper or cardboard that is hard, smooth and thick. It is a material used in graphic design, printing, crafts and similar applications. It can usually be found in white or different color options.

Thickness and Hardness: Bristol cardboard has a thicker and stronger structure compared to thin papers. Thanks to this feature, it provides durability in products such as business cards, invitations, brochures and handmade cards.

Briston Cardboard Prices

The surface of Bristol board is generally extremely smooth and uniform. This feature makes the prints appear clearer and sharper. It creates an ideal option for graphic design projects.

Available in different grammages. This offers the flexibility to choose different thicknesses of cardboard depending on the intended use and design requirements.

Although it is usually available in white, some models offer different color options. This provides the opportunity to use colorful backgrounds or accents in design projects. Bristol cardboard prices vary accordingly.

It is available in sheets or rolls of different sizes. This makes it easy to choose appropriate sizes for various projects.

Book and magazine covers are among the most frequently used areas of Bristol cardboard. Bristol board prices It is widely used because it is not high and the front side is suitable for color printing.

Bristol Paper Sizes

Bristol papers can be produced in different weights and their weights are as follows:

Bristol Carton Process

It is a hard and smooth type of paper used in business cards, invitations and similar applications. The process of making Bristol board involves paper pulp treated in a special way. The first step is cutting the tree and preparing the wood. The cut wood is made suitable for wood pulp production. Next, the wood fibers are converted into pulp by a chemical or mechanical process.Briston Carton Process

In chemical pulp production, wood fibers are separated and cleaned with chemicals. In mechanical pulp production, the fibers are separated mechanically. While the dough is being prepared, it is mixed by adding water and is refined in a special machine, the refiner. In this process, the fibers of the pulp are made thinner and longer.

The refined dough is rolled into a uniform layer in a large machine. It is then tightened using rollers and presses. At this stage, the paper sheet is dried on large drying cylinders. Finally, the cardboard is cut to the desired thickness and smoothness and packaged. At this stage, dimensions suitable for the end use of the cardboard are obtained. Its features vary depending on the manufacturer's preferences and intended use.

What are Bristol Cardboard Prices?

Bristol paper pricesIt may vary depending on its weight and quality. It may also vary depending on the way the cardboard is produced. Bristol board prices You can contact us to get information about.