Background Cardboard Production

Background Cardboard Prices

It is a type of cardboard material generally used in the box and packaging industry. It is two layers of cardboard held together by a layer of adhesive located between the top sheet and the bottom sheet. Its production also includes quality control steps. Background cardboard prices is among the topics of curiosity along with the production process.

These steps include checking the properties, dimensions, thickness and quality of printed patterns or coating. The quality control process can be carried out automatically on production lines or supported by manual visual inspections.

What is Fund Carton?

For its production, recycled paper is often used. Therefore, it is important to collect and recycle used paper and materials. Recycled paper waste and other paper products are used as raw materials.

First of all, it is mixed with water in large cylindrical drums and turned into dough. This pulp is then cleaned and sized as needed. The prepared dough goes through a special shaping process to create a layer structure, usually consisting of four different layers. These sheets are held together with a layer of adhesive to create two layers of cardboard.

Background Cardboard Prices and Quality Control

The layers are compressed in large machines and dried to remove excess water. At this stage, its density and thickness are determined. The dried product is cut to the desired dimensions and shaped. At this stage, cutting and drilling operations are performed according to the requirements of the specific packaging or product in which it will be used.

background cardboard If printing or coating will be applied on it, the relevant operations are carried out at this stage. While printing is used for branding or design purposes, coating can be done to increase its durability and improve its appearance.

Background Cardboard Prices

It goes through the quality control process. Dimensions, thickness, hardness and other properties are checked. Additionally, the quality of printed patterns or coating is also reviewed. Finally, the produced fund cardboard packages are made ready for distribution.

It is a complex process using technological and automated machines. In large-scale production facilities, high-speed production lines are used. These lines provide an automated process that includes a series of steps from dough preparation to layering, pressing and drying.

Dough Preparation Machines: These machines used for the preparation of dough, paper and backdrop cardboard It is used to recycle waste or to create pulp from fresh cellulose. These machines mix the ingredients with water, form the dough and size it as needed.

  • Layering Machines: These machines take the formed dough and create a layered structure. The layers are combined by applying a layer of adhesive between two layers of cardboard.
  • Press Machines: These machines are used to compress the layers and remove excess water, increasing their density and helping to shape.
  • Drying Machines: After the pressing process, these machines are used for drying, removing moisture and increasing its durability.
  • Cutting and Shaping Machines: After drying, it is cut and shaped to the desired dimensions. These machines allow cutting and drilling to specific sizes and shapes.

If printing or coating will be applied to the upper surface, special printing machines are used. While printing machines transfer patterns and colors onto the product, coating machines apply a protective coating to the surface of the cardboard. Background cardboard prices You can contact us to get an offer regarding.