autocopied paper prices

Autocopy Paper Prices

Thanks to its self-carbon feature, it is used in documents that need to be copied. It can be produced in different color options and weights. Autocopied paper pricesvaries depending on the size, type and gram of paper. With our experienced management staff and competent team, we care about the satisfaction of the users. You can reach us through communication channels to get information about our paper and cardboard products.

White, colored or impression autocopy papers are widely used in many areas. It makes processes such as sales receipt, ticket and invoicing more practical. There are two different types of autocopy paper: hardcover and paperback. Hardcover varieties are suitable for manual writing. However, paperbacks are preferred for printing information in digital media.

autocopied paper prices

Autocopy Paper Prices and Features 

Autocopy papers are generally produced in sizes 59×84 cm and 70×100 cm. However, white autocopied papers are more commonly used. Autocopied paper weights are generally produced as 55 gr and 80 gr. However, production in different weights is also possible. Depending on the area of use, autocopy papers can be produced in different sizes, weights and colors. Autocopied paper prices also depend on the usage area and the properties of the paper.

Autocopy papers, which are widely used in different fields such as collection receipt, order form, money receipt, payment receipt or shipping note, can be purchased in bulk. purchased wholesale autocopy paper prices is more economical.