Autocopied Paper Usage Areas

Also known as high quality carbon paper. It also ensures that the texts pass directly to the underlying paper. Thanks to its structural features autocopied paper What is written on it does not come into contact with the underlying paper. Thus, there is no need to use carbon paper in autocopied papers. It is a type of paper widely used especially for invoices and delivery notes. It is frequently used in financial consultancy transactions, invoicing or cargo transactions.

autocopied paperFeatures of Autocopied Papers

On autocopied papers, the ink color transfers directly to the underlying paper. autocopied paper Thanks to the printing method, situations such as paper shifting are not encountered. Therefore, it is very suitable for practical use. It ensures that the texts are transferred to the copy below without using any copy paper. Efficient results are achieved by preparing it with special solutions.

It can be used for various purposes depending on the sector in which people operate. Accordingly, it is produced in different sizes and weights. We offer quality product options to the people and institutions we serve within Reba Kağıt. We provide production to areas such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and textile industries. We aim to provide a positive user experience with our new generation equipment.

Autocopied Paper and Its Usage Areas

Autocopied papers can be used for prescriptions, invoices, expense slips, order forms, travel tickets, money receipts or bill slips. The use of autocopy paper for all printouts that require copies provides advantages in terms of both time and cost. It makes the process of transferring data to other copies easier. It consists of three separate papers with different properties. Thus, it provides diversity to individuals and institutions in terms of usage area.

As Reba Kağıt, we stand out with our experience in the sector and our competent staff. With our advanced shipping conditions, we ship paper and cardboard products to every point in Turkey. We provide the necessary products in line with the needs and demands of our customers. autocopied paper You can contact our team to get an offer about.