REBA Paper Products Trade and Industry Limited Company

Reba Kağıt started its business life in 1979 on Cağaloğlu-Şerefendi street. After working for 13 years in Topkapı-Emintaş Site in 1990, it continues to serve in its own building in İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone in 13,000 m2 closed area and 2,000 m2 open area.


Although our company's customer range is wide, chroma cardboard, bristol cardboard, coated paper, 1st paste, autocopy, veneer are used in sectors such as printing, packaging, labels, bags, invitations, textiles, etc., which need constant use and require large stocks of different types and sizes. We wholesale sales in sizes and coils, such as kraft paper, etc. We have to be accurate and fast when evaluating the increasing demands of very different sizes, weights, quantities, delivery times and shipping in an extremely fast-paced and stressful working environment. The solution to all of these is easily solved with 30 years of experience, without breaking our working tempo, as if we were starting our first job...


We have increased our sizing machines, which were 4 in 2008, to 6 in 2010. Another important investment is the slicing machine… This machine can cut 3-meter coils into coils without opening them to the desired size, without distinguishing between weight and type. In other words, the combination choice belongs to our customers completely freely. It makes us proud to be the first in our sector with zero wastage in size. With its computer-controlled cutting technique equipped with new technology, it cuts paper and cardboard between 20 gr and 1000 gr precisely without opening the existing coil, without damaging their original properties.


Our Mission

 The most important thing is preferences. Our stock status, compliance with lead times, quality and price appeal are the most important factors. Apart from these, another preference factor is customer value and communication, which is the crux of the matter. We facilitate the work of our customers, regardless of whether they are big or small, prevent loss of time, respect their opinions with transparent policies, communicate with us in any environment and time they want, and provide instant solutions. We constantly renew ourselves within the company, address our shortcomings and shortcomings, and meet expectations by raising our bar with in-company training and technological innovations. Apart from our Kartonsan and Kombassan dealership, which started with Seka in the domestic market and continued for years, our company imports all the paper and cardboard needed from many European countries - America, Canada and Far East countries.


our vision

 Our company consists of structures such as marketing-accounting-financing-storage-production-quality control-shipment. Our goal is to be better quality and faster in the sector, as well as to offer products that are suitable for its purpose and to prioritize customer satisfaction and to provide the best in the service race. Our company's short, medium and long term goals are to continue its path with correct and logical policies for the future, to follow the technology that constantly renews itself, to offer quality products to its customers, and to increase the product range with foreign companies with which we are in constant talks on this subject. Our company policy is always on our agenda.


Our Founder

Reba Kağıt was founded by Recep ORHAN in 1979 and has been providing services regarding Paper, Cardboard Sizing and Machinery production until today. It has reached its target with the training it received within the sector along with its institutionalization.

It has become one of the strong companies in the sector by deciding to work on paper import and machinery production and expanding its area of expertise and team. Like all businessmen who have become successful in their business after the steps they have taken “Those who do not invest in their business cannot develop” It serves with its factory in İkitelli organized industrial zone in order to improve its business by adopting the philosophy and to provide better quality service to our valued customers.